General Questions

I am a member of SCAS – how do I download the journal?

First please register on the website.  Here is a short video showing how to register:

Once you have registered and logged in to the website you can download the journal from the members area.

Here is a further video showing how to access and download members’ only content:

I pay for my membership by Standing Order. What changes do I need to make?

As a result of our re-structure SCAS has new banking details.  If you pay for your membership by Standing Order you will need to update the details with your bank to ensure that the money is paid to the correct bank account.  Normally this will mean cancelling the current Standing Order and creating a new one in its place.

When creating a Standing Order to pay membership fees to SCAS please enter the details as follows:

Society for Companion Animal Studies
Account number: 00024423
Sort Code: 405240

Please enter reference: <Your name>

If you have any questions regarding these changes please do contact us.

Is SCAS still running the Pet Bereavement Support Service?

No.  As part of our separation agreement with Blue Cross, ownership of the Pet Bereavement Support Service was reliquished.  The Pet Bereavement Support Service is now run solely by Blue Cross.  All enquiries regarding the PBSS should now be made through them.

I pay for my membership by Direct Debit – will this continue?

Due to prohibitive third party costs we are no longer able to accept Direct Debits.  If you have been paying your membership fees by Direct Debit you will soon receive an email or letter from us confirming that current Direct Debits will soon be cancelled.  Your current active membership will continue until the time for renewal at which time you will be invited to continue your membership using one of the other payment options we offer.

We apologise for any inconvenience that this may cause.

How do I contact SCAS?

We have a new telephone number: 0845 601 2207 (local rate in the UK).  Please continue to email us at info@scas.org.uk or use the contact form on this site.

Why has the website changed?

As part of our forward strategy it has become necessary to change our website.  Behind the scenes we are currently building a new website that will help us to run many of our administration tasks with increased efficiency and autonomy.  With reduced resources keeping the old website live whilst we build the new site unfortunately was not technically or financially feasible.  We plan to have our new website up and running in the next 6 months.  In the meantime we have positioned this simple site to direct your enquiries and keep you up to date with our plans.

Why is SCAS no longer working in association with Blue Cross?

In 2011 the Blue Cross undertook an extensive brand refreshing exercise, resulting in a decision to focus essentially on animal welfare, inevitably affecting the relationship with SCAS.  In December 2011 the Blue Cross board decided to withdraw its support for SCAS.  Whilst this was a disappointment for SCAS, we are grateful for the support that has been given by Blue Cross in so far as it enabled SCAS to have access to resources which might otherwise not have been available to it as a Charity.

What changes will there be to future SCAS activities?

There will be some changes to our activities, particularly over the next 12-24 months.  It is likely that, for the foreseeable future, SCAS will need to work with its membership base to consolidate its financial position and curtail some of the activities it has undertaken to date, although it is hoped that new research into the human/animal bond will commence almost immediately with a view to the dissemination of that information for the public benefit over the next twelve months.

It is hoped to couple this with a grant making function, some training and educational work, as well as seeking new funding and fund raising opportunities to improve on those services in the future.

SCAS members will receive a periodic news update as a matter of course but you can also  keep up to date with what we are doing and our plans for the future by signing up to our e-newsletter, or follow our news pageFacebook page or Twitter feed.