Debbie Cordingley

Debbie is a registered social worker with over 20 years’ experience working with children and families and is presently working within the field of health improvement in the North West of the UK. Within this role Debbie is able to identify, develop and test innovative models of engagement, analyse the intervention and then refine community and outreach models to reduce health inequalities. Debbie has had a long-term interest in the human animal bond (HAB) and in 2006 commenced her research and study within this field. She was awarded her Master of Research Education and Society (MRes) in 2008. When appropriate her work can include undertaking work within the field of HAB focusing on enabling people to maximise their own health and wellbeing and that of their animal companions. Within her career, Debbie has worked in a variety of settings, including youth work and multiagency work focusing on improving the mental wellbeing of young people and adolescents. Debbie is also a senior advisor within the Guild of Dog Trainers and offers advice within the HAB area.