I’m worried about health and safety – aren’t animals a source of disease, allergies and accidents?

Pets are often seen as potential causes of injury, eg trips, bites and scratches, although neither the Rowntree study or the SCAS/PFMA study received any reports of such injuries in facilities that permitted personal pets, communal pets, or visiting pets. This is not to say, however, that they couldn’t occur. When drawing up a pet policy it would be sensible to include information on the correct leashing of dogs in communal areas, and restricted access for pets on stairways and corridors unless supervised.

Control of internal/external parasites can be achieved through preventative measures including regular worming and flea/tick treatments as advised by a vet. It need not be difficult, time-consuming or expensive. Free, comprehensive pet health information for dogs, cats and small pets can be found on the Blue Cross website

Other health concerns include allergies to pet dander, e.g. for sufferers of asthma and allergic rhinitis. Whilst care must be taken to safeguard asthma sufferers from exposure to dander in such quantities as to cause reactions, it is nevertheless possible to successfully manage allergies.

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