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SCAS publications available for purchase

Two popular SCAS publications “Children and Pets” and “Older People and Pets” are once again available for purchase through our website.

“Older People and Pets: A Comprehensive Guide” (2005)

Older People and Pets smCompiled by SCAS, this book provides an invaluable resource for anyone who is concerned about the well-being of older people, including health and social care professionals, veterinary staff and housing providers.

The reader is given insight into how companion animals improve health, provide social support and enhance the quality of life for older people in different settings – those living in the community as well as those in sheltered housing and residential care homes – and in different ways.  The book addresses a wide range of key issues, from animal-assisted therapy programmes, to the challenges faced by older pet owners moving into sheltered housing, to the impact of pet loss for older people.  The book contains some very useful guidelines on pet policy for housing providers and staff working in institutions.

Price £12.50 + P&P

Purchase "Pets and Children" a book published by SCAS

“Children and Pets: A guide for parents, teachers and therapists” (2003)

Parents have for many years recognised the benefits of pets for their children, but it is only in the last thirty years that the significant health and social benefits associated with animal companionship have been scientifically confirmed.  We now have a greater understanding of the special bond that exists between children and companion animals and how this bond supports children in different ways throughout life.

SCAS realised that much of the information and research on child-animal interactions would be of immense value to those responsible for children and who work with children.  Members of SCAS, experts in their respective fields, have collaborated to produce this publication, which will provide an informative, accessible guide to developing positive interactions between pets and children.

Price £5.99 + P&P

We also have a number of books and booklets available for purchase relating to pet bereavement support including:


ASI-WAS Undergraduate Paper Prize – Due August 1

The Animals and Society Institute (ASI) and Wesleyan Animal Studies (WAS) invite applications for the second annual undergraduate prize competition for undergraduate students pursuing research in Human-Animal Studies.

ASI and WAS will award a prize to an outstanding, original theoretical or empirical scholarly work that advances the field of human-animal studies. Papers can come from any undergraduate discipline in the humanities, social sciences or natural sciences, and must be between 4,000-7,000 words long, including abstract and references. The winning paper will be published in Society & Animals, aninterdisciplinary journal that publishes articles describing and analyzing experiences of and with non-human animals. Topics can include human-animal interactions in various settings (animal cruelty, the therapeutic uses of animals), the applied uses of animals (research, education, medicine and agriculture), the use of animals in popular culture (e.g. dog-fighting, circus, animal companion, animal research), attitudes toward animals as affected by different socializing agencies and strategies, representations of animals in literature, the history of the domestication of animals, the politics of animal welfare, and the constitution of the animal rights movement.


Applicants must be currently enrolled on a full or part-time basis in an academic program at a college or university, or have graduated from a college or university within the 12 months of the application. Prior first place winners are ineligible, as are papers that have won prizes in other competitions. Students may submit only one paper per year for consideration. Submissions are encouraged from the social sciences, humanities, and natural sciences, and must deal explicitly with non-human animals and/or the human-animal relationship. Students are responsible for keeping prize coordinator updated with current contact information.  If student cannot be contacted, the prize is forfeited.

Application Specifications

  • Cover sheet with the applicant’s name, mailing address to be used for future correspondence, telephone and fax numbers, e-mail address, present rank and institution name.
  • Paper must be 4,000-7,000 words long, including a one paragraph abstract and references.
  • The first page should include the title of the paper and the author’s name.  The next manuscript page should include the title and a 200-word abstract.
  • Papers should be submitted electronically along with a letter by the student’s faculty sponsor, on school letterhead, verifying their enrollment status as a full-time or part-time student, or a student enrolled the previous year (all in electronic format).

Selection Process

The selection committee includes members from a range of disciplines connected to Human-Animal Studies, including editors from Society & Animals. Entries will be rated according to criteria associated with the quality of conceptualization, significance of topic, clarity and aptness of the methods (when applicable), quality of writing, command of relevant work in the field, originality, and contribution to Human-Animal Studies.


  • Winning paper will be published in an issue of Society & Animals
  • Next two papers will get honorable mentions and have their abstracts published in Society & Animals
  • All three winners will receive a book of their choice from ASI’s Human-Animal Studies book series published by Brill
  • Winning papers will be announced on the ASI and WAS websites, and in e-newsletters and other publications. The Committee may decide that no entry meets qualifications as prize winner.

Submission Deadline: August 1, 2013

Applicants should email electronic copies of the paper and cover sheet to paperprize@animalsandsociety.org by the deadline.

Pets in the Crossfire of Family Violence – Video

“Pets in the Crossfire of Family Violence,” a one-hour video featuring numerous Link authorities, was aired by Twin Cities Public Television and has been made available to watch free online.

The video, seen below, is compiled from a Link conference at the University of Minnesota College of Veterinary Medicine and discusses the evolving role of pets in society, the links between animal abuse and human violence, child abuse/animal abuse connections, and domestic violence/animal abuse links.

The video is built around a presentation by Phil Arkow, with commentaries by Link authorities Diane
Balkin and Jane Hunt, plus experts from family & children’s services, animal-assisted therapy, marriage and family counseling, human-animal bond, and the veterinary college.

For further information relating to to “The Link” between animal abuse and human violence please visit The National Link Coalition.