Pet Loss for Re-homing Centre Staff

The Pet Loss Support for Re-homing Centre Staff webinar series from SCAS consists of 3 webinars covering many of the important aspects that help to provide an understanding of why re-homing a pet can be so difficult for people, some common responses to loss due to re-homing and and how you, as a professional working in a re-homing centre, can effectively support your clients and colleagues through the difficulties surrounding the re-homing of a pet.

This series will be of particular interest to those working in re-homing centres that may find themselves supporting others through the loss of a pet.

Part 1 – Setting the scene and identifying hotspots.

The first in the series looks at how the bond between people and their pets applies to a re-homing centre.  Why it is important to consider the bond and how it affects the clients and centre staff.  Identifying the difficulties and emotional hotspots that occur during the re-homing process.  This webinar is one hour in length.

Part 2 – Loss and grief in relation to re-homing a pet.

The second part of the series considers the common responses to loss and grief and preparing centre staff for what to expect from clients when experiencing the loss of a beloved pet.  There will be an opportunity to share experiences of pet loss in your own centre via chat facility during this webinar.  This webinar is one hour in length

Part 3 – How to support clients and staff through pet loss and re-homing.

The final part of the series will be looking at how centre staff can best offer support to both the clients and their colleagues in practice.  We will be looking at how to communicate effectively with clients when they are going through the process of re-homing their pet and also how to develop an effective set of pet loss support protocols that can help the staff and the centre become more bond-centred.  This webinar is one hour in length.


Technical requirements to attend a webinar

These webinars are online and to attend you will need a computer connected to the Internet. We recommend a minimum broadband connection speed of 0.5 MB.

You WILL require sound – either speakers or headphones.

You do NOT require a webcam or a microphone.

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