Pets in Housing – An Update from the Chair

SCAS’ work on Pets in Housing continues at a pace with the launch of a new campaign and participation in several events.

The Pet Event

Dr Elizabeth Ormerod was a panel member for the Pet Event held by Andrew Rosindell MP to discuss his Private Member’s Bill. If this is enacted it would prevent landlords from operating blanket bans on pets in housing. The Bill has had its First Reading. Its Second reading has been delayed due to Covid19. A link to the Bill can be found below. Unfortunately it was not possible for the Pet Event to be recorded, although it was broadcast live.

Dogs and Domestic Animals (Accommodation and Protection) Bill – Parliamentary Bills – UK Parliament

Animal Law Online Conference

SCAS Chair, Dr Elizabeth Ormerod, gave a webinar presentation on pets in housing at the UK Centre for Animal Law online conference in animal welfare. We will provide a link to this when it is available.

Canine and Feline Sector Group

SCAS has joined the task force created by the Canine and Feline Sector Group to examine the role of pets for older people, and how to overcome barriers to animal companionship.  

Housing Studies Association Conference

SCAS Trustee Helen Brooks, SCAS member Debbie Rook, our Chair Elizabeth Ormerod, and Professor Wendy Stone from Australia, presented a Pets in Housing Panel at the recent Housing Studies Association (HSA) on 15th April. They provided delegates with information on the role of pets in human health, legislation affecting pet keeping in housing and insights from overseas. Case studies were used to illustrate the impacts of negative pet keeping rules.

Wendy Stone recently co-authored on several documents relating to pet keeping rules in Australia. An overview of the findings is provided in this article.

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