SSPCA Manifesto

The Scottish SPCA has just published its Animal Welfare Manifesto. SSPCA is advocating for government support to help ensure that people and pets aren’t separated by pets in housing restrictions.

Herewith an excerpt …

Often, they cannot take their pet with them due to the restrictions in place in their temporary accommodation. Unless they give up the accommodation and risk homelessness, people have to give up their pet and the invaluable human-animal bond is broken. It is time for an initiative which puts people and pets first. Such an initiative would provide all landlords across Scotland (both private and public) with specialist advice and guidance on how to support pet friendly accommodation and access to incentives to help protect that human-animal bond.

Refer to page 11 of the Manifesto for more information about this and other key issues. Here is the link.  Manifesto | SSPCA (

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