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ad3456fa20b2fd91c2b1311bc78d5c2a_1This week, the BBC have been airing a new series looking at loneliness in Britain.  James Martin takes celebrities back to a street they grew up on to see who lives there now and help set up a local social network in a campaign designed to tackle the issue of loneliness in the UK.

You can watch the episodes on BBC iPlayer.  Tomorrow’s episode will be touching on how animals can help combat loneliness for some people.  You can watch it at 9.15am tomorrow morning (Thursday 18th December) and the final episode is on Friday at the same time in the morning.

Watch Operation Meet the Street on BBC iPlayer

More information about the benefits of the human-animal bond can be found on the SCAS website.  We’ve prepared a special page to signpost you to some of the most relevant parts of our website HERE.

1 thought on “Loneliness – Operation Meet the Street – BBC

  1. mandy

    What a fantastic programme. I have experienced loneliness and isolation when I was in my teens and when I was bringing up my son entirely alone. it was the most saddening and loneliest time of my life.
    It’s so good to see something on tv bringing to light the affects of loneliness.
    there’s still much love out there. and programmes like this could start something wonderful.
    from M.H.WILSON


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