Companion Animal Interventions in Therapeutic Practice

Our intensive animal-assisted interventions (AAI) training course ran for 4 years and while it received glowing reviews from course participants, it required a great deal of resources that we are no longer in a position to provide.

The course covered:

  • Good practice guidelines for a wide variety of animal-assisted interventions
  • Session planning – matching clients and animals; selection; delivery plans
  • Safe practice – roles, responsibilities and risks
  • Animal welfare and care – appropriate animal handling, minimising stress, animal safety for species commonly included in interventions.
  • Evaluation and measuring outcomes
  • The ingredients for a successful programme including how to get started/develop a client base
  • An opportunity to engage with companion animals in a therapeutic setting
  • Networking with experienced leaders in the field and like-minded practitioners

In place of this residential course we will be running a number of one-day workshops and seminars that will be covering many of the aspects that were included in the course but will be aimed at specific sectors, e.g. Occupational therapy, counseling and psychotherapy, education, etc.

We will also be continuing to present a number of online webinars, catering to a varied audience.

We hope to start running the one-day workshops and seminars in late 2017.  Please subscribe to our news page to receive announcements.