Sir Roger Gale MP
Dr Colin Murray Parkes

Hon. Vice Presidents
Prof. Sam Ahmedzai
Dr Roger Mugford

Board of Trustees
Dr Elizabeth Ormerod – Chair
Barbara Cooper – Vice Chair
Greg Warman – Treasurer
Dr Helen Brooks

SCAS Administrator
Julia Stewart

SCAS Communications Team
Dr Sandra McCune
Julia Stewart
Kris Hill

In 2020, in order to effectively move projects forward, SCAS set up the following new working groups; members of these groups can be seen below:

AAI & Education Working Group (AAI/Ed WG)
Dr Elizabeth Ormerod – Chair
Barbara Cooper
Dr Helen Brooks
Prof. Jo Williams
Lucy Llewellyn
Tracie Faa Thompson
Jenny Stephany 

Research Working Group (RWG)
Dr Helen Brooks – RWG Chair
Prof. Sam Ahmedzai
Dr Elizabeth Ormerod
Dr Helen Winter

Dr Jon Bowen

Dr Clare Thomas-Pino