Love your Pet Day 2021: Aging people and pets

As we celebrate International Love Your Pet Day on 20th February, it is good to pause and reflect on how much dogs enrich our lives. They are often seen as ‘family members’ who offer us affection, fun, and emotional and physical support. Increasing evidence shows the health and well-being benefits that canine companions may bring to older adults (Enders-Slegers & Hediger, 2019; Gee & Mueller, 2019). That relationship can change over time, particularly as both dog and owner age, impacting healthy, active aging for both parties. SCAS trustee Dr. Sandra McCune and Dr. Daniel Promislow recently gave a webinar on this topic which is based on a forthcoming paper in the Frontiers journals’ Research Topic, ‘Our canine connection; The history, benefits and future of human-dog interactions’.

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Assistant Professor Position, School of Anthropology

The University of Arizona’s College of Veterinary Medicine (UA-CVM) and School of Anthropology (SOA) invite applications for a jointly appointed tenure track position with a focus on Human-Animal Interaction (HAI), broadly conceived. Areas of interest include, but are not limited to, animal behavior, biology, physiology and cognition; evolutionary perspectives on human-animal interaction; the biopsychosocial effects of human-animal interaction; One Health; and behavioral ecology. The successful candidate will contribute to the University of Arizona’s growing emphasis on research at the intersection of humans and nonhuman animals and will create bridges between the CVM and SOA.

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Undergraduate Animal Welfare Student Scholarships available to fund short research projects

Through its Animal Welfare Student Scholarships, the Universities Federation for Animal Welfare (UFAW) aims to encourage students to develop their interests in animal welfare and to provide them with an opportunity to conduct relevant research or other projects that are likely to lead to substantial improvements in animal welfare.

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Reflections on my Play Therapy Assistant – by Lucy Llewellyn

Lucy Llewellyn is a Certified Animal Assisted Play Therapist ™️ from the UK. She has been trained by Dr Rise VanFleet and Tracie Faa-Thompson of the International Institute for Animal Assisted Play Therapy ®️. Lucy is a member of the British Association of Play Therapists. In this article, she shares with us her experiences of working with a dog in her playroom.

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Bob Harvey and his little dog Darcie

Unfortunately, we have to bring you some sad news. Our much-loved senior, Bob Harvey, passed away at the end of October 2020. He and his beloved dog Darcie brought to light the importance of the human-animal bond and how vital it is to keep everyone, be it vulnerable children, adults or seniors such as Bob facing the end of their lives or enforced separation, together at all costs with their companion animals.

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Supporting owners to manage pet welfare during and after an extended ‘stay at home’ period

Authors: Dr Sandra McCune V.N., B.A.(Mod), Ph.D., Evangelos Diamantakos, BSc (Hons), MSc, PhD cand, Barbara Cooper Hon Assoc RCVS Cert Ed Lic IPD DTM RVN

Many of us, at some time in our lives, will need to stay at home or work from home for an extended period before our normal routine resumes. It could be a period of illness or rehabilitation, changes in our care needs or responsibilities or a time of unemployment. The national lockdown we have returned to due to Covid19, and the subsequent increase in home working, have been an extreme form of such a shift. For many pets and owners, it continues to be a challenging time. Being restricted to home most of the time, having less direct social time with those we care about and needing to adapt to changes in our household make-up and dynamics can take us out of our comfort zone.

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International Centre of Anthrozoology Online Community

International Centre of Anthrozoology (ICofA) has developed a webpage for anyone working with animal assisted interventions. The webpage has an online community where people can talk, share and connect with others in the field. A place to gather everyone that is connected to human animal interactions, so that it is easier to share knowledge between countries, unite people internationally, by uniting everyone in the field of AAI. Contribute and help shape the development of AAI.

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