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The challenges of no pets accommodation, by Dr Elizabeth Ormerod BVMS

SCAS Chairperson Dr. Elizabeth Ormerod has written an article for Vet Times on the Challenges of no pets accommodation.  

In the first of a three-part series, this first article will provide an overview of pets in housing issues, discuss progressive legislative developments and explain why addressing pets in housing issues is the current priority for the Society for Companion Animal Studies (SCAS).

Pets in Housing is the focus of this year’s annual SCAS conference, ‘Pet Friendly Housing: How can we keep people and pets together?’ (Register here).

Three ways you and your pet can make a difference during Loneliness Awareness Week 2022

By Sandra McCune for Society for Companion Animals (SCAS).

Did you feel particularly lonely or socially isolated at times during the pandemic lockdowns? You are not alone if you did. Many people struggled with restrictions on time with friends and family and just being among people less often in their workplaces or communities. As people spent more time at home, headlines spoke of the surge in pets being acquired for company, to offset loneliness and isolation, conditions described as an epidemic of our times, and that was before COVID19 came along.

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A rabbit is for life, not just for Easter

With Easter fast approaching, springtime traditions such as egg hunts and Easter bonnets are in full swing. Alongside this there is of course the ‘Easter Bunny’.

With rabbits being one of the most popular pets in the UK, Easter can often be a time of year where rabbit sales soar. However, many people who purchase rabbits do so on impulse and are unaware of their complex needs which can result in immense suffering and surrender to rescue. This is reflected in statistics from the RSPCA who reported a 28% increase from the previous year of rabbits being taken into their care during 2021.

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