Society for Companion Animal Studies Confirms Successful Applicants for 2020 Research Funding Round

The Society for Companion Animal Studies (SCAS) is proud to announce the successful applicants to its 2020 round of research funding. This is the first of three annual funding rounds planned for 2020, 2021 and 2022. The aim is to support research which furthers current understanding of the human-animal bond.

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Pet Bereavement Update

Pet bereavement is very often an overlooked area of grief – one that can be belittled and mocked leading to it becoming disenfranchised grief, resulting in the sufferer feeling isolated, alone and misunderstood. We acknowledge that not everyone feels as strongly about companion animals as we do, but most people understand and have experienced grief in one way or another.

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World Mental Health Day

By Collette Case, 10 October 2020
Today is world mental health day. It’s an important day for me for a number of reasons that have shaped my life. I’d like to share some examples.

I grew up in a house with a father with mental health issues. That had a huge impact on my life and I ended up leaving home while still a teenager. I was homeless for some time.

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Give Up Your Pets or Your Home? In Loving Memory of John Chadwick

By Dee Bonett

I would like to dedicate this to Elizabeth Ormerod, her support and belief of everything I have achieved to date, alongside those who are also very much a part of this journey, has been invaluable. This has indeed been a rollercoaster of incredible “highs” and “lows”, whilst making change for those already at their most vulnerable, at the point of Homelessness with their Pets, to ensure this tragedy never happens again…..

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Human-animal relationships and interactions during the Covid-19 lockdown phase in the UK: Investigating links with mental health and loneliness

The Covid-19 pandemic raises questions about the role that relationships and interactions between humans and animals play in the context of widespread social distancing and isolation measures.

Researchers from the University of York, University College London and Queen’s University Belfast have investigated links between mental health and loneliness, companion animal ownership, the human-animal bond, and human-animal interactions; and explored animal owners’ perceptions related to the role of their animals during lockdown.

A link to the findings from this research can be found here.