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21 December 2023: Homeless Persons Memorial Day

On the first day of winter and the longest night of the year, people in our communities will die without a home.

Organised by the National Coalition for the Homeless, the National Consumer Advisory Board, and the National Health Care for the Homeless Council (NCHC), this is a day to “remember those who have died and strengthen our resolve to work for a world where no life is lived or lost in homelessness”.

SCAS recognises the devastating effects of vulnerable people being forced to choose between a roof over their head and their beloved companion animals. #Petsandhousing is an important issue, supported by SCAS and our partners (My Dog is My Home; AdvoCATSeastmids; and others) through supporting evidence-based research, education, policy change (The John Chadwick Pet Policy), and raising awareness.


Read more about how to support the cause or organise a memorial for someone who died homeless:

Big Issue article on John Chadwick Pet Policy

The Big Issue just published a wonderful article by Dee Bonnet who, with the support of SCAS, has worked with Maidstone Borough Council to develop the John Chadwick Pet Policy. The tragic loss of John Chadwick really hits home why #Petinhousing is such an important issue and remains one of SCAS’s priorities. John’s friend Dee Bonnet channelled her grief into ensuring other vulnerable individuals never experienced the heart-breaking dilemma of choosing between their beloved companions and a roof over their head. Maidstone Borough Council developed the #TheJohnChadwickPetPolicy and we hope other councils will soon adopt similar policies. Dee Bonnet set up a Change.org petition that you can sign to show your support. We hope other councils will soon adopt similar policies.

Read the article here:https://www.bigissue.com/news/social-justice/john-chadwick-took-his-own-life-when-he-was-separated-from-his-pets-his-friend-is-campaigning-for-change/

Recognition for the John Chadwick Pet Policy

Dee Bonett and Maidstone Borough Council have won a much-deserved award for their partnership driving new pet-friendly housing policy following the tragic suicide of John Chadwick. The John Chadwick Pet Policy ensures that those with pets who have become homeless are supported in Emergency Accommodation until suitable permanent accommodation can be found – for both the homeless person and their pet. SCAS is proud to have supported Dee as she worked with Maidstone Borough Council to develop this new policy together.

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National Pet Month in the UK: A SCAS update on Pets in Housing


April is National Pet Month in the UK and each week SCAS will present a topic related to companion animal welfare, well-being, and the important role they play in the lives of humans. This week Dr Elizabeth Ormerod provides an update on one of SCAS’s priorities, namely Pets in Housing.

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New Tool for Housing Rights & Assistance Animals

A new online tool funded by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, Reasonable Accommodation Requests for Assistance Animals in Housing, has recently been released. This interactive tool will provide persons with disabilities with information about their fair housing rights related to requests for assistance animals.


Pets in Housing is a SCAS priority, and Trustees Dr Elizabeth Ormerod and Dr Sandra McCune will be leading a Workshop on Pets in Housing at the ISAZ 2023 conference in Edinburgh:

Hope to see you there!   



Spearheaded by the national campaign UK SAYS NO MORE, No More Week (5-10 March, 2023) is a week to raise awareness of domestic abuse and sexual violence in the United Kingdom and in the US and the World.

There is a strong link between violence to animals and violence towards people, and an abused or neglected pet can be an indicator of domestic violence, spousal or child abuse, or neglect.

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8 November 2022 is International Human Animal Bond Day!

#IHABDay #HABA #HumanAnimalBond

The International HAB Day is a joint effort between the Human Animal Bond Association in the United States and the Society of Companion Animal Studies in the United Kingdom.

The Human Animal Bond Association (HABA) is a group of like-minded people who care for other animals. HABA’s mission is to advocate, celebrate and educate about our connection with the natural world including our companion animals and why that’s important to all of us.

Listen to Dr Elizabeth Ormerod talk about the human-animal bond in her introduction to the SCAS2022 conference:

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Pet-Inclusive Housing Report

Pets and people belong together – no matter where they live! This is a sentiment shared by SCAS, for whom Pets in Housing remains a priority and was the topic of this year’s conference.

The Pet-Inclusive Housing Report, published by the Michelson Found Animals Foundation, is a valuable new resource that provides data and market-based solutions for renters, landlords, and others seeking to help keep pets and people together.  

Download the Pet-Inclusive Housing Report.