AAI Webinar Series

Introducing The Stroke and PAT project

This webinar took place on Monday 15th September 2014. The recording is available for free viewing.

The Stroke and PAT scheme is a collaborative partnership between Ruth Winston Centre and the national charity Pets As Therapy.

It offers stroke survivors the opportunity to incorporate a companion animal into their stroke rehabilitation treatment programme.  Pets As Therapy works in partnership with the lead professional Sallie Bollans of Stroke Rehab Dogs, to provide suitable volunteer PAT dog teams.

This free 45 minute webinar will offer an over-view of the project and the work that they do.

Introducing Caring Canines

This webinar took place on July 10th 2014.  The recording is available for free viewing.

This is a 45 minute free webinar introducing Caring Canines.  Caring Canines is a non-profit voluntary group working in the community around Bournemouth and Poole helping people of all ages and abilities to understand dogs and be confident in their company.  Sue and Julie from Caring Canines, who received a Queens Award for their work will be joining us to talk about their work and to answer questions.

Introduction to PAWS (Parents Autism Workshops and Support)

This webinar took place on June 17th 2014.  The recording will be available shortly.

This is a 45 min free webinar introducing the PAWS project that has been set up by Dogs for the Disabled, to bring together the parents and carers of children with autism to share experiences and to explore the helping potential that a pet dog might have within their family.

Katie Bristow-Wade, the PAWS project manager, will be talking about the project and answering questions from the audience.

Bridging the gap: The role of horses and other animals in mental health and counselling

This webinar took place on Thursday 10th May 2012 @ 1pm and is now available to watch as a recording.

In the first of our webinar series we welcomed Sarah Urwin to speak at this one hour webinar, which looks at:

  • Presenting issues in mental health
  • Why I include animals in my client work
  • How animals, especially horses, can help clients ‘in practice’
  • Partnership working
  • Training
  • Measuring outcomes

This webinar was recorded and is now available for viewing (£45)

What makes a good therapy dog?

Internationally renowned canine behaviourist and trainer, Nina Bondarenko, joins us to talk about what makes a good therapy dog?  Does breed matter? Size? Age? What sort of temperament and skills are required and what sort of things might a therapy dog be asked to do?  This webinar considers a broad variety of therapy environments that dogs become part of from visiting programmes through to animal-assisted therapy and some types of assistance dogs.  Length approx 30 mins.

Introduction to “Pets as Therapy” – FREE webinar

Took place on 30th April 2012 @ 1pm and again on 6th June 2012 @ 7pm

This was a free 1 hour webinar (repeated) introducing Pets as Therapy and looking at the work they do.

Pets As Therapy is a national charity which provides temperament assessed/vaccinated P.A.T. Dogs and P.A.T. Cats with registered volunteers to hospitals, hospices, residential care homes, day centres, special needs schools and many other establishments, providing comfort, companionship and therapy.  There are approximately 4,500 P.A.T. Dogs and 108 P.A.T. Cats bringing benefit to more than 130,000 people of all ages every single week throughout the UK.