Pet Bereavement Support Webinar Series

The Pet Bereavement Support Webinar Series from SCAS provides a convenient and easy way to access your training needs.

The original series consisted of 6 webinars aimed at a variety of professionals and covering many of the important aspects that help to provide an understanding of why losing a pet can be so devistating for people and how they can be supported.

The series has ran twice during the spring and summer of 2012 and are now listed below as recordings which are available to view.

Webinar 1: Introduction to Pet Bereavement Support (Free)

This 30 min brief introduction to pet berevement support talks about the different aspects that make this subject so relevant to various professions as well as to every pet owner.  

Webinar 2: Pet Bereavement and why losing a pet can be so hard for people

This 1 hour session looks at how the human-companion animal bond effects the relationship that people have with their pets and how it will impact upon them when they face the loss of their beloved pet.  Who is more vulnerable at these times and why?  You will hear examples of very strongly bonded relationships and have chance to share your own experiences. This webinar may be of interest to pet owners, friends and family of those with pets, and those working in professionas where clients might need support before, during and after losing a pet.

Webinar 3: Pet Bereavement: Loss and grief

When somebody loses someone that is significant in their life they suffer a bereavement.  This extends very much to the animals in our lives and for some people losing a pet can be more traumatic and upsetting than losing a fellow human being.  For every person loss and grief can present an individual and unique experience.  This 1 hour session looks at how loss and grief can effect different people – the physical, mental, emotional and social reactions and implications that can be experienced during the grieving process.  We also touch on anticipatory grief (when grieving might start even before the pet is lost) and responsibility grief (for people that are struggling with having to make a difficult decision).

Webinar 4: Introducing the Pet Bereavement Support Service (Free)

The Pet Bereavement Support Service has been giving free emotional support to those who may have lost a pet or have been effected by the loss of a pet since 1994.  Open every day from 8.30am – 8.30pm the team of volunteers provide a vital port of call for those in need.  This 30 min session looks at the work of the PBSS and the impact that it has had of the lives of many over the years.

Webinar 5: Pet Bereavement and providing support for people

Whether you work in a veterinary practice, a rehoming or rescue centre, or maybe just know someone that is struggling due to the loss of a pet, this 1 hour session looks at some of the ways that you can provide support.  Knowing what to say can be the biggest worry for people who are in a position where emotional support is needed.  We will be taking a look at “active listening skills” and other tools and skills that can be helpful.

Webinar 6: Pet bereavement support and developing protocols 

There are lots of things that you can do to make things easier for everyone when there is a loss of a pet.  This 1 hour session looks at what you can do in practice to make things easier for clients, colleagues, friends, family and yourself when you are involved with providing support for those experiencing the loss of a pet.