Churchill Fellowships open for application

Are you looking to research a cause that is close to your heart? If so, the next round of Churchill Fellowships are open for application. Open to every UK citizen, these life-changing grants are for real-world research into the issues, challenges and opportunities that are encountered every day in every sphere of British life. They are awarded to firefighters, nurses, farmers, teachers, architects, entrepreneurs and many others – all to explore a subject of their own choosing and improve the way it’s done in their profession or community. You don’t need to have academic qualifications and you don’t need a track record of past successes. You may not have a high profile in your sector or big professional networks, or you might. It’s a level playing field. What a Fellowship gives you is a chance to develop your knowledge and your career, some time out to recharge and reflect, and a real opportunity to make a difference in a field you care passionately about.

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