The hidden anguish of tenants forced to choose between housing and keeping their pets.

The Society for Companion Animal Studies (SCAS), since its inauguration, has raised awareness about the harms caused by no pets in housing rules. 

Today, SCAS launches its Pets & Housing campaign to help tackle this topic which causes so much distress to pet owners and their companion animals. SCAS has held a number of conferences throughout the UK which have focused on the issues. Our Chairman, Dr Elizabeth Ormerod, has visited with overseas colleagues who facilitated the introduction of positive pets in housing legislation. Elizabeth has given presentations about the role of pets in society and the urgent need for pets in housing legislation at meetings in the House of Commons, in the House of Lords, in the Scottish Parliament and to MEPS in Brussels. The situation is becoming more critical due to the increasing demand for rental properties and the unintended consequence of the Tenant Fees Act 2019 which removed the right of landlords to request a returnable pet deposit. 

In her blog, which you can read here, Elizabeth outlines the problem and the need for change that SCAS is committed to.

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