Research Findings

The Pets and Older People in Residential Care survey was commissioned by SCAS with funding from the Pet Food Manufacturers’ Association (PFMA), in order to investigate attitudes towards pet ownership in UK residential care facilities.

The study replicated an influential survey by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation in 1992-1993, which highlighted a lack of understanding of the importance of pets to older people and the lack of policies on pet ownership at the time.

Our study found that:

  • Little had altered since 1993
  • Improvements were short-lived
  • Further action was needed: hence, the launch of the Pets for Life campaign

Download the SCAS report

Click the links below to download a summary or a complete copy of the SCAS/PFMA research report: Pets and Older People in Residential Care.

Public Health Study

A Public Health Study* looked at 284 nursing homes with pets. It found:

  • 1 pet related incident per 1,000,000 hrs
  • 200+ non pet related incidents
  • For every 1,000 nursing home incidents;
    – 4.5 are pet related
    – 995.5 are non pet related
  • No zoonoses or allergies

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