2022 SCAS Conference – Pet Friendly Housing: How can we keep people and pets together?

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The Annual Conference is a highlight of the SCAS year and we hope you can join us for this exciting (online) event on 18th September 2022! This year’s SCAS Conference, ‘Pet Friendly Housing: How can we keep people and pets together?’, will focus on the challenges of pet restrictive housing and potential solutions. It’s a great opportunity for like-minded people to come together to hear the latest science and practice on a topic that’s important to the relationship between people and pets, supporting the bond to ensure people and pets stay together. International speakers at the forefront of research, policy, and education will help us learn about the latest advances in science as well as encouraging collaboration between researchers, healthcare professionals, and housing stakeholders who play key roles in improving access to pet-friendly accommodation.

Pet-friendly policy is such an important topic that impacts so many people that SCAS have made it their number one priority over the last year. Grantees will talk about their SCAS funded research at the conference along with other stakeholders, all working to increase access to pet-friendly housing.

International participation and renowned speakers

The 2022 annual conference will again be a virtual event, which gives us the opportunity to invite people from all over the world to participate in a conference that maybe they couldn’t attend before because of travel time and cost restraints.

SCAS conferences are known for their lively discussions, ample time given to live Q&A with the experts, and generous sharing of information, resources, and contacts between delegates. Our speakers at this year’s Conference are some of the world’s leading experts in Pets and Housing Issues including Lord Richard Stuart Best, member of the UK House of Lords, together with Dr. Bruce Moore, CEO of Housing 21, who worked together for many years at Anchor/Hanover Housing who have always had a pet friendly policy; Gilly Mendes Ferreira, Head of Education and Policy, Scottish SPCA will speak about their current Pets & Tenants Together advocacy campaign; and, Dr. Lindsey Braun, of the Human-Animal Bond Research Institute, will help us learn from other countries by presenting on working with property managers as allies to ease restrictions on rental housing in the US to strengthen the human-animal bond. She will be one of several researchers from the US, UK and Australia speaking on understanding both landlord and tenant perspectives in pet-friendly rental housing.

L to R: Sir Roger Gale will open the conference; Gilly Mendes Ferreira will present results from the Scottish SPCAs Pets & Tenants Together campaign; and Dr Lindsey Braun will bring an international research perspective to easing pet restrictive housing policy

If you work in human-animal interactions (HAI), or the health or housing sectors and would like to hear the latest evidence-based research from academics, supported by case studies, or if you’d like to know more about SCAS and our work, this conference is for you. And, if you become a member of SCAS (for just £25 a year), you will receive discounted conference registration as well as other benefits such as free access to monthly SCAS webinars throughout the year from expert speakers.

We hope you will join us at this year’s conference and looking forward to “seeing” you there!

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