New IAHAIO Resources

The International Association of Human-Animal Interaction Organizations (IAHAIO) recently produced several documents which will be of interest to our members.

These are summary guidelines for small companion animals (inc. dogs, cats, and smaller species), for equines, and for farm species animals involved in AAI:

IAHAIO also recently produced Guidelines for Education and Training for those involved in delivering equine services

Compassion Fatigue Working in animal welfare, veterinary practice and in animal-assisted interventions can be challenging, and sometimes distressing. IAHAIO has produced a document on Compassion Fatigue for those involved in these occupations. IAHAIO recommendation on compassion fatigue in AAI

Raw Meat. The topic of feeding of raw biological protein (e.g. raw meat, unpasteurised milk) to dogs and cats raises concerns regarding the potential for zoonotic transfer, Antimicrobial Resistance Transfer (AMR) and harm to animals. IAHAIO therefore conducted an extensive review of the evidence. The findings have been summarised in their Position Statement.

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