The Companion Animal Multispecies Risk Management Toolkit (CAMSRMT)

We are thrilled to announce the launch of a SCAS Funded Toolkit to facilitate the introduction of companion animals to supported living settings. The Companion Animal Multispecies Risk Management Toolkit (CAMSRMT) was developed by an Australian team of expert academics, veterinarians, human health, and consumer representatives. This was undertaken as a Delphi study whereby people with specialist knowledge relevant to the focus including species expert veterinarians, aged care providers and consumers of aged care were recruited. These individuals created, reviewed and moderated the risk management framework which is core to the document. CAMASRT sets out a risk management table for each animal group. The document provides best practice case studies, and resources for health, social care workers and others to facilitate the introduction of pets into care facilities.  

The CAMSRMT will be of great assistance to those working in the care sector who understand that every effort should be made to avoid vulnerable people having to relinquish their animal companions.

We extend a huge thank you to Dr Janette Young who led this amazing initiative.

The Toolkit is downloadable from SCAS website, is free of charge and should be widely shared.

Download the Companion-Animal Multi-Species Risk Management Tool (CAMSRMT) here

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