Participants sought for a SCAS-funded project into Pets and Rental Housing Properties

Ross Barker is a graduate student in Public Policy at Oregon State University, conducting a SCAS-funded research into pets and rental housing.  If you are a letting agent, property manager, or landlord for one or more rental housing properties in England or Scotland, the team would love to interview you for their research. All input remains confidential. Participants in the research will receive a gift card with a value of £50 GBP and will also receive a summary of research results upon request. Please reach out to Ross Barker at if you would be willing to share your point of view. The interviews have typically been taking 40-55 minutes. Thank you.

Participants are sought who fit the following general criteria:

  • Rental housing property managers, landlords, or letting agents
  • Metro areas (urban or suburban) in England
  • Have knowledge of property policies, including those related to pets

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